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Cybersecurity made in Germany With our cloud solutions, you achieve full compliance and effective protection against the impact of cyberattacks.

  • Cybersecurity
  • NIS-2
  • GDPR

Comprehensive data protection

With our Backup-as-a-Service solution, your data is regularly and automatically backed up. In the event of a cyberattack, you can quickly restore your data and continue business operations without major interruptions. Our experts ensure through regular restore tests that all areas of your company can be flawlessly restored at any time.

Centralized security measures

All applications and data of your company are optimally protected against cybercrime with the integrated intelligent security features of our Desktop-as-a-Service. You benefit from automatic software updates, regular backups and recovery strategies, as well as the latest virus scanners and firewalls. Additionally, mirrored data centers enhance failover protection.

Robust recovery solutions

With Recovery-as-a-Service, we offer a robust disaster recovery solution that enables you to quickly and effectively resume business operations after a cyberattack. This solution minimizes downtime and protects your critical business processes. Your entire IT infrastructure is secured in our cloud, ensuring that your company can function flawlessly at all times.

Enhanced security architecture for your IT infrastructure

Take advantage of our advanced security architecture, specifically designed to maximize the protection of your data and systems. Our solutions provide you not only with access to the most advanced security measures in the industry but also deliver the necessary technical safeguards for implementing the NIS-2 directive.

Centralized management of security incidents

With our integrated monitoring and management tools for security incidents, we provide you with the ability to detect and respond to potential threats in no time. Our advanced solutions enable efficient analysis and reporting of IT security incidents, fully in line with the requirements of the NIS-2 directive. Secure yourself and your company—simply, quickly, and reliably.

Regular risk assessments and compliance reviews

Our solutions undergo regular risk assessments and compliance reviews. This ensures that they always meet the latest security standards and legal requirements. These continuous evaluations provide your company with the highest level of compliance with NIS-2 requirements.

Full compliance with GDPR requirements

Our cloud solutions are specifically designed to meet the stringent requirements of the GDPR. Through automatic data encryption and strict access controls, we ensure the protection of personal data and minimize the risk of data breaches.

Data residency in certified data centers

Our data centers are located in Germany and are GDPR certified. This ensures that your data is stored and processed in accordance with European data protection regulations, providing you with additional security and compliance assurance.

Transparent data processing

With our comprehensive logging and reporting tools, you can always track how and where your data is processed. This allows you to maintain oversight at all times and respond quickly to requests from data protection authorities or affected individuals if needed.

Free e-book NIS-2 Directive and Cyber Security: What Should Entrepreneurs Know?

Are you ready for NIS-2, the new EU Cyber Security Directive that comes into effect in October 2024?

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In the Smart Data Center, you get everything you need for a modern and secure office

With our Desktop as a Service, your company benefits from uniform and standardized workplaces. You can flexibly access applications in your own data center and provide all applications centrally for you.

Workplaces ready to use at the click of a button

Our comprehensive cloud infrastructure enables easy deployment, management, and security of your digital workplaces. With pre-installed Windows 11 and Microsoft Office, without additional licensing costs, you can effortlessly set up and duplicate specific desktop environments for individual employees or teams. This ensures standardized, secure, and efficient workplaces across your entire company, while significantly simplifying IT management.

Cost savings and full flexibility

Enable your team to have a flexible, digital workspace—whether in the office, on-site with clients, on the go, or working from home. Our solution provides secure access to your digital cloud office anytime and from any device. Scanners and printers can be easily integrated, while our encrypted access ensures the highest level of security.

Thanks to our cloud infrastructure, you save significantly on hardware costs. Your employees can securely and comfortably access their digital workplaces from any device or browser. This way, we always offer you the best value for money, ensuring you never overpay for your IT.

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